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A Brand New Archaic Blog

= Est. 2023 =

A Brand New Archaic Blog
= Est. 2023 by Evan Lee =

Brand New Archaic Blog
= Est. 2023 by Evan Lee =


Blog Stations

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Opinion - AM

Old State House Boston

Politics & News

The big issues making headlines, and also those less reported.

Boston album

Pop Culture Reviews

Music, movies, books and more. From the overrated to underrated.

Hobbies - FM

Cassette Mixtape

Mixtapes & J-Card Art

Cassette tape recordings and custom album cover prints.

cassette player

Retro Audio

Walkmans, tape decks and stereo receivers brought back to life.
Recycle  |  Repair

Photo of Leighah taking photos


Capturing the modern world with film that expired decades ago

Life - AM



Self stories. From the everyday mundane to lifetime milestones

Postal Truck, Grumman LLV


Tales from the old eight and skate... or sometimes the twelve and shelve.

Adventures - FM

Plum Island coastline


Exploring new places, trying new things. Getting lost with no GPS pings.

Super Blue Moon


Concerts and other happenings


Mountains & Trails

All the way the top of New England and other scenic hikes

News - AM

train station

Local News

Current happenings, mostly in Ashland and surrounding towns/cities.

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Website News

Update logs.
Press F12 for an easter egg.

More - FM

Hyundai Accent Hatchback


Anything with wheels, really. Car and bike enthusism blog.

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