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A Brand New Archaic Blog

= Est. 2023 =

A Brand New Archaic Blog
= Est. 2023 by Evan Lee =

Brand New Archaic Blog
= Est. 2023 by Evan Lee =


Blog Posts

- 2024 -

Taking a photo of New Bedford

21st Century Lomography:

Capturing today through decade old expired film

May 27, 2024  |  Photography, Mixtapes »

BEST USE BY: MAR 2008 - yeah that’s not happening anymore.

A while ago, I shot my first photos on 35mm film with a couple of old cameras I found at the thrift store.

Loaded with film that expired over a decade ago, the results were striking, unlike anything a modern DSLR could ever take.  Read »

1040 Form and Tax Return Check

TurboTax lobbies to keep taxes difficult

Stop supporting them by filing your return for free

Feb 4, 2024  |  Opinion »

The tax preparation industry doesn’t want you to know this, but filing for your return doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

Most developed nations already offer free guided tax filing systems directly to taxpayers. This year, the US will finally do the same.  Read »

Concert Stage

New Years in New York with Billy Joel

Road-tripping to Long Island for a concert

Jan 7, 2024  |  Adventures »

It’s New Year’s Eve 2023 and I’m with my friends Leighah and Emily to see Billy Joel live at the UBS Arena in Elmont, New York  Read »

- 2023 -

Sony Walkman WM-41

21st Century Lo-Fi

Rediscovering Cassette Culture in the 2020’s

Dec. 3, 2023  |  Mixtapes, Retro Audio »

The last real Sony Walkman was made in 2004, so was my first mixtape. Recorded for me by my Mom when I was around six, it was left forgotten for nearly 20 years until I finally recorded one myself.  Read »

Spongebob My Eyes! meme

Headlights dimmed for safety

Stop putting blinding LEDs on cars, trucks and SUVs

Nov. 12, 2023 | Opinion »

Overly bright and misaligned LED headlights are more than just annoying, they can be deadly.  Read »

Sternside guns

Exploring Battleship Cove

USS Massachusetts and other museam ships

Oct. 22, 2023 | Adventures »

Join Leighah and I on our adventure to this historic landmark in Fall River where we boarded and explored two warships!  Read »

Cassette Player

Music, podcasts and audiobooks

Recommendations to make the workday go by faster

Oct. 16, 2023 | Pop Culture »

Some of my favorite things to listen to while on the clock, making the workday feel like a breeze. Read »

New USPS Truck Does Not Deliver

Replacement NGDV is too big for practical service

Oct. 8, 2023 | Opinion »

The Postal Service is finally replacing its fleet of 1980’s era trucks, but the new design won’t outmaneuver the old one.  Read »

On The News Beat

The Gatepost Mixtape, Dec. 2022

Oct. 1, 2023 | Mixtapes »

Here is the news, sings Electric Light Orchestra, opening this definitively 80’s New Wave mixtape, inspired by my time at The Gatepost.  Read »

Hello World!

The Greater Boston Graphite's first blog post

Sept 24, 2023 | Website News, Personal »

Hi, my name is Evan Lee and this is my website. I plan on blogging here about things I like or find important as I get back into writing.

But what exactly is here?  Well, read my first blog post to find out!   Read »